My review of Skyscraper… The Dwayne Johnson one.

Dwayne Johnson continues his quest to star in every movie ever made with Skyscraper, a old fashioned, big budget summer action flick that plays like “Die Hard” meets “The Towering Inferno”.

In it, Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent who loses his leg in a rescue mission gone wrong. 10 years later, he is now a security consultant tasked with inspecting the world’s tallest building in Hong Kong, a state of the art skyscraper called The Pearl. Along for the trip is his wife Sarah (Neve Campbell), who was also the surgeon that saved his life 10 years prior, and their 2 children. During their time there, a ruthless gang of terrorists take over the building and set fire to it, framing him in the process. With his freedom in jeopardy, and his family in danger, Will takes matters into his own hands, and does whatever it takes for him to save the day…

This was a fun ride. I had a blast watching this. I didn’t mind the cliched plotting. God only knows how many Die Hard ripoffs we’ve been saddled with. One more isn’t gonna kill us. And honestly, this is one of the better ones. It’s doesn’t quite reach the fun heights of great Die Hard ripoffs such as Sudden Death or Under Siege 2, but it’s fun as is. Frankly, it’s a lot more Towering Inferno than it is Die Hard, though. It’s more concerned with running, jumping and falling than it is fighting, stabbing and shooting. But that’s not a problem at all, because all those scenes are tense as hell. Some stuff, I found myself gripping the armrests on my seat. Yeah, this flick has great scenes of tension in it.

As far as acting, Dwayne Johnson is his usual strong, likable self. The man just oozes charisma, although he’s more serious in here than he is in his previous movies. He’s very believable as a father and husband who just wants to save his family. The kids are very likable too, which is a relief, since kids can be painfully annoying in movies like these. I liked them though. They were fine. The bad guys are typical mustache twirling bad guys. No real impression made here.

The real bright shining spot in here though, is Neve Campbell. Ms. Sydney Prescott herself. God, it was great seeing her back on the big screen being a badass again. Earlier in the film, we’re told that her character Sarah is an ex-military medic who did 2 tours in Afghanistan. So when the poo goes down, you’re already waiting for her to dive right into action and kick a little ass. And that she does. Man, it felt great to see that. Campbell’s character of Syndey from the Scream movies redefined the final girl for a new generation, giving horror fans a take no shit character for the ages. So it was so good to see her back to kicking ass again. Now, I wanna see a whole movie with Neve being a badass. She’s still got It!

Any nitpicks?? SPOILERS: Ehh… Johnson could have done more on the action front. I mean, he has a couple of fights, but only one of them was a real thorough fight scene, while the others felt like minor infractions. Also, he’s not given a final battle. The main bad guy Kores Botha, played by Roland Moller, is considerably a big guy. And evil for evil’s sake. So you feel like you’re being set up for a final showdown between him and Sawyer. Nope. The climactic showdown is a shootout that takes place in a holographic mirror style environment. When this location was introduced, I said to myself “Watch this place get used again later during an action scene.” And what do you know? They used it during the climax. Oh wow, I didn’t see that coming…

Which would’ve been fine, had “John Wick: Chapter 2” had not done something very similar (and better) last year. I mean, it’s not a bad sequence. It works, but I felt it should have led to a final showdown between Sawyer and Botha that never came. Missed opportunity there. But, a final fight does happen. It just goes down between Sarah and a henchwoman. Which I found cool. The wife gets the final beatdown. Only problem was it takes within a car. I was waiting for them to get out to fully appreciate the fight, but they never did. Cool fight, but would’ve been alot cooler if they had gotten out. Oh well.

All in all, I enjoyed this. Great little dumb, fun summer action flick that we don’t really get anymore. Nowadays, it’s all superhero flicks. I mean I love superheroes, but I’ll take a badass hero fighting terrorists to save his family movie over anyone of them with no hesitation.

Especially one where The Rock rock bottoms somebody through a table with one leg.


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